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Chromium for android 一 源码获取

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Chromium for android 1 源码获取

最近发现 chromium 开源项目可以编译出来一个 shell 了,看来离 chrome for android 的正式开源的日期越来越近。


以下内容在 ubuntu 12.04  64-bit 上面实践,工作目录在 Public


1.  git 要安装的。
2. chromium 的源码管理使用了自定义的一组工具,先把它抓下来
 git clone

3. Add depot_tools to your PATH:
    1. $ export PATH="$PATH":`pwd`/depot_tools
    2. You may want to add this to your .bashrc file or your shell's equivalent so that you don’t need to reset your $PATH manually each time you open a new shell.

Now tell git about yourself.

  git config --global "My Name"
  git config --global "my@email"
  git config --global core.autocrlf false
  git config --global core.filemode false

Initial checkout

First, have gclient create its configuration file.

  gclient config --git-deps

Edit your .gclient file to avoid checking out the enormous set of WebKit layout tests (unless, of course, you need them). Add to the "custom_deps" dictionary:

"src/third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests": None,
"src/content/test/data/layout_tests/LayoutTests": None,

Other things that are large and that you probably won't need that you can put there:

"src/chrome_frame/tools/test/reference_build/chrome": None,
"src/chrome_frame/tools/test/reference_build/chrome_win": None,
"src/chrome/test/data/perf/third_party/octane": None,
"src/chrome/tools/test/reference_build/chrome": None,
"src/chrome/tools/test/reference_build/chrome_linux": None,
"src/chrome/tools/test/reference_build/chrome_mac": None,
"src/chrome/tools/test/reference_build/chrome_win": None,
在最后面添加一行,来设定我们要获取能够编译android 版本。
target_os = ['android']


 you should avoid running gclient hooks when syncing for the first time, as the setup for these tools is not complete until build/android/ has been run.

gclient sync --nohooks
. build/android/
gclient runhooks



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